Frequently Asked Questions
Bigfoodie is an online takeaway ordering platform that aims to provide you with delicious options from quality restaurants. From Chinese to Indian and Italian to French, our restaurant partners serve authentic dishes on delivery with a focus on affordability, without compromising on quality. Our partners use fresh and healthy ingredients - ensuring our personalised approach is a memorable one.
How it works?
  • Find a takeaway/restaurant with postcode:
  • Simply enter your full postcode or first part of your postcode in the box on our home page and click search. We will then show you all takeaways/restaurants which can provide delivery to your door or from which you can collect your food!
  • Finding a takeaway/restaurant with its name
  • You can also search a takeaway/restaurant by simple enter its name.
  • Selecting a takeaway/restaurant
  • Now you might find a list of our partner restaurants or takeaways. You can put them in order by distance or popularity in order to make a quick and reliable decision.
  • Ordering
  • Once you have chosen a takeaway/restaurant, menu contents are clickable such as starter, main course, Sweet & Sour……
    To add an item, click ‘+’ button and this item will be added into your order basket on the right.
    To remove an item from your order, click ‘Remove’ from the order.
    To amend a certain item or add special requirements for each item you want to order, go back to the menu click ‘Amend’ or add requirements in the ‘Comment’ field.
  • Confirmation:
  • Once you have selected your items and wish to order, click "check out" on the basket. This will bring you to the next page where you can provide delivery information and payment details. You can click ‘Save as favourite’ to save current order to your very own Favourite Menu’ if you are already a member of BigFoodie. We strongly suggest you to become a member in order to facilitate your future orders and keep track of this current order. For all the benefits as a member of BigFoodie, please visit our ‘Sign Up’ page. Your login will be your email address and password of your choice.
    How do I pay for my order?
    Before confirming your order you can choose to pay either "cash on delivery", “collect at store”, pay by credit card/debit card online or pay through Paypal. We use Paypal as our gateway and our merchant to facilitate the card payment and we use the latest technology to keep your card details secure.
    What if my card is declined?
    In order to prevent fraudulent transactions taking place on the website BigFoodie uses the latest technology to verify the card holder's details. If your card is registered for 3D Secure when you confirm your order you will be taken to a separate page where your bank will ask you to enter a password. This works like an online PIN number and verifies to us that you are the card holder. We are unable to accept large card payments from cards that are not registered for 3D secure. If your card is declined please first check that you have entered the correct billing address that appears on your bank statement, this can be a separate address to your delivery address. If you believe that a valid card has been declined please email and a member of our team will investigate your situation.
    Can I order from many takeaways/restaurants at a time?
    As a customer, you can make as many orders as you wish. However, if you order food from different takeaway/restaurants, each order has to be confirmed and finalised separately. This means that you have to finish your current order if you want to proceed and make a new order from another takeaway/restaurant. This is necessary so that BigFoodie can send each order to the correct takeaway/restaurant. Remember that when ordering from a new takeaway/restaurant there may be a different minimum order value or delivery charge over which BigFoodie has no control.
    Why would I order takeaway on internet?
    'Order takeaway online' is a relatively new idea compare with 'use telephone'. However, it has many advantages that traditional tele-takeaway does not provide.
    Just to name a few;
    Firstly, you don’t need to collect any takeaway menus since we are 24/7 online.
    Secondly, you order what you see and we send your order in writing. Therefore, little chance for mistakes due to misunderstanding, which frequently happens when you order over the phone.
    Thirdly, you can order whenever, whatever at wherever for whoever. Whether you want to order your dinner at work or on the train, you are totally control when and how you dinner will be delivered. BigFoodie is reliable and easy to use. Our aim is to be running the best website for online food ordering in the UK, so we have put great effort into creating a user-friendly website. We are concentrating on sustaining our competitiveness by constantly improving the quality of our service and making developments to the website. You will see us launching new services in the future.
    What about takeaway/restaurant deals?
    All takeaways/restaurants that have offers or deals will have these displayed on the website exactly as they would appear on their menus. It is our job to make sure that we stay in touch with our partner takeaways/restaurants and keep the information about the deals up to date.
    What do I do if there is a problem?
    If you have encountered a problem while using BigFoodie, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Too long delivery time?
    If you have been waiting for an unreasonably long time, contact the takeaway/restaurant on the number that is provided in your confirmation email. Try to be understanding with delivery drivers fighting through traffic they are nearly always trying their best!
    Wrong order?
    When you received your order, you are advised to double check all items your order have been delivered. If you have not received your order in full, please call the takeaway/restaurant on the number provided in your confirmation email. All takeaways/restaurants are obliged to return with the correct item and should do their best to rectify the situation.
    Bad quality?
    If you are not satisfied with the quality of the food you have received you will be able to leave feedback on the website. Each takeaway/restaurant has its own feedback that customers who order through BigFoodie have left. BigFoodie guarantees that all reviews and ratings on the website are genuine and have not been manipulated and that all complaints will be dealt with promptly. However, it should be noted that refunds are not available in cases of dissatisfaction with the food unless there is agreement from the takeaway/restaurant.
    No confirmation e-mail after I placed order?
    If you have not received an e-mail confirming your order shortly after you have placed it make sure that you have checked all spam folders. Even if the first email has been received the second may be diverted by some email clients into the spam folder. If you still have not received the confirmation email you can check by emailing us at
    How do I recommend my favourite Chinese takeaway/restaurant?
    If your favourite Chinese takeaway/restaurant isn't listed you can complete the recommendation report by click “Recommend My Favourite Takeaway/Restaurant” we will do our best to sign them up. You can also recommend us to the takeaway/restaurant owner. You can find our contact details in “Contact Us”.
    What is the membership? Why do you need my details and are they secure?
    First and foremost, you do not have to be a member in order to order meal on BigFoodie. However, once you become a member, you can place orders quicker and easier, and for future orders you do not have to enter your address again, or you can simply repeat your favourite order.
    We take extremely care of your privacy;
    We will never pass your details to anyone other than the takeaway/restaurant you have ordered from.
    We will never pass your details to any 3rd party organizations for any purposes.
    We only ask for essential information to process your order and only use it for this purpose.
    You can delete your membership details at any time.
    Can I order by telephone? is online! Everything is on the website to enable you to order online. Why bother to call?
    When should I contact BigFoodie staff?
    If you are totally unsatisfied with the response that a takeaway/restaurant has given you then please email and a member of our team will call you back. Please note that we can't negotiate refunds on behalf of takeaway/restaurant owners and it is up to the takeaway/restaurant owners to make those decisions.
    When can I rate my last order?
    You are able to rate your last order right after your “check out” if you are a registered member. Simply The day after your order you will receive an email containing a link where you can leave feedback for the takeaway/restaurant. Please leave honest and objective feedback that reflects the overall experience of ordering from this takeaway/restaurant.